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Co-Working Movement, and A Future Brokerage/Franchise Tie

Main-impacthubseattleWhy real estate companies have not gone down the path of operating co-working spaces is beyond me.

Impact Hub. WeWork. Galvanize. They all operate in Seattle. They are all communities of hundreds of people, and are the center of the local entrepreneurial community. Most of the startup events in the city happen at one of those co-working offices. Before every event, guess who greets everyone in the room?

Yup, someone who works for the co-working establishment. The “host”. That short welcome talk includes a short overview of what “they” do.

A golden opportunity for real estate companies to let everyone know where to turn for real estate advice.

Greg alluded to the local community gatherings opportunity in 2013, after listening to a Seth Godin podcast.

What I would be spending my time doing, is making sure that every community organization had its meetings in my offices – because I’d have a big enough meeting room that they could meet there as often as they wanted

Co-working spaces make too much sense, on so many levels.

WeWork is reportedly valued at $10 billion. That’s…more than Zillow, and certainly more than any real estate brokerage/franchise in the US. Obviously no franchise can afford to acquire WeWork, but if I were running a brokerage or franchise, I would seriously consider buying a smaller co-working establishment in my local market. If you’re in a city still without a co-working movement, be a leader and start one. Now.

Going down the co-working path is the long game. Are you playing to win? Or are you just on cruise control?

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Founder of Geek Estate Blog / Geek Estate Labs. Zillow Alum. Travel addict & co-founder of Horizon. Social entrepreneurship & microfinance advocate. Fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kiva.

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    Great article Drew! We have developed the hardware and software needed to allow any landlord offer the co-working space from their real estate

    • I went to your website, and it wasn’t immediately obvious what you do. Is enabling any building to be a co-working spot, the opportunity you are going after?

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    Our technology solves the problems of key-holding, unauthorised access, unpaid or delayed rent, controlling access remotely and maintenance, onile instant leasing. The entire leasing process, search,contract and access can be achieved in under 3 minutes. Our hardware, software and lock combination enables buildings to come alive via smartphone integrated with a tenant/client management platform. So a landlord could install our tech and offer a co-working space using our platform and hardware access. Co-working is one space we are interested in, multi-tenanted office buildings is where we are most interested right now. Other spaces are hospitals, assisted living communities, vacation homes, military bases, corporate hq, basically any portfolio of any size and any number of employees.

    • No matter what your tech CAN do, unless you can dumb it down to a very very simple value proposition…you’ll struggle for adoption.

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        Our offering is like a hybrid of Urban Compass and Wework. A client can find your property, pay to use and get keys on your smartphone.

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    my email is I am based in Ireland and i am setting up a subsidiary in the US shortly.

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