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If You Combine Pinterest, Zillow, and LinkedIn, You Get…



IdeatEstate combines the best parts of Pinterest, Zillow, and LinkedIn, to create a better way for you to discover amazing homes, and meet the professionals who can help you take the next step.

From a consumer perspective, I have zero idea what any of that means or what problem the product solves.

Even from an “industry tech insider with 10+ years of experience”, I’m unclear on what the product is going to do for a buyer/seller/home owner/agent.

I searched Seattle and found 379 total listings. From a buyer perspective, that means they’re missing the vast, vast majority of the listings in the area (Redfin shows over 4,000).

Where’s the consumer win?

[Via Inman]

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  • Jason Mitchell

    From what I’ve read, it’s going to be more useful for Realtors to share homes with their clients, replacing the crap MLS links. If it can replace emails and phone calls back and forth when researching home features, locations, etc… then it could be a win.

    • I don’t see how idealestate will win that race. Realscout and some of the better IDX products have a much, much better chance at solving that problem with a tool agents are already using daily.

      • I’m not sure how it replaces communication. Its data will come from an MLS feed, likely, which all IDX sites have. So maybe it organizes it into a better UX, but as Drew said, there are already companies doing that well.

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