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Connector for Better Email Outreach

I saw Connector on Product Hunt today, and thought it would be worth asking the audience here whether you feel it would be a useful tool for your email outreach efforts…

Note it only works with Gmail and Google Apps email addresses.

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  • Not sure about others, but I do not manage my client email list via my contacts. I don’t have automatic unsubscribe, automatic bounce management, and many other features that email services like iContact and MailChimp provide.

  • I use Contactually. It has a handy “scale mail” feature that lets you send a custom blast like this to people in certain buckets or that have certain tags.

    • graymoment

      I was trying to figure out if there was anything new here with this offering, and I didn’t see anything compelling in the short video. Although, in its defense this is a short overview and I only watched the video.

  • People sometimes get confused about the differences between different email platforms.

    Contactually, Mailchimp, iContact, Aweber, etc. etc.. are usually about continually reaching out to your own list of people you’re going to stay in contact with.

    Connector and other platforms (like,, and others) are about OUTBOUND email marketing – or otherwise COLD email.

    They tend to make the most sense when you’re reaching out to a lot of people at the same time with a similar request.

    These types of things include:
    – Getting PR for something new your real estate business is doing
    – Getting Guestposts for other blogs
    – Reaching out to investors directly, possibly about a property they might be interested, etc…

    This is a grey area that many people are not comfortable with because of thoughts about Spam – but it is widely used in other industries already and could have a strong use case in Real Estate as well if done correctly.

    That in essence is what a tool like Connector is designed to do – help you do outbound email marketing without being spammy.

    Hope that makes sense!

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