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Conversion Rates in 2016

It’s been quite awhile since the topic of conversion rates on real estate websites was talked about.

What conversion rates is your website seeing?

(Keep in mind, without context, conversion numbers mean nothing.)

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  • I noticed I commented on your last post 4 years ago that is linked in your above post. Unfortunately my answer is still the same. I do not know my conversion numbers, which as you suggested is probably the case with many agents.

    I do know my overall website usage is down about 25%. Perhaps because of the competition from my local Board of Realtors, as mentioned in my upcoming post.

    We still attracted 51,871 users in the last 30 days who looked at 6.12 pages. I have no idea how many of them will convert to clients, but we do what we can to convert them.

    • graymoment

      Those are some impressive numbers!

      • Thanks. Not sure how it compares to other websites because I am on the island of Oahu, and we only cover Oahu. On the mainland I assume some agent’s websites cover a much larger area.

        • Jordan

          Your traffic is impressive. Do you have any plans on hiring someone to do UI/UX?

          • LOL, I guess you do not like my UI. You are not alone, Drew looked at my site and did not like it either.

            However, my site is a data driven site. I have a few rules I try to design by. Don’t make me think, don’t make me click, be mobile friendly.

            Many times UI designers put the cart before the horse. For example, I have seen many designs that have a photo view where you have to click to see each photo. Yes, it looks much better from a design perspective, but now to view all the photos for 10 listings I have to click 250 times. Is that really what a user wants to do to see all photos, of course not.

            My feeling is each time you force a click you are essentially hiding what ever it is they have to click to, so put it all out there without forcing them to click.

            So to answer your question I have no plans on hiring a UI expert because it would probably just turn into an argument if they violate my rules, and if a user has a design suggestion, I am always open to making it, as many changes on my website have come from user suggestions.

            If you have some suggestions I would love to hear them. You can email from my contact page of my website if you like. Thanks for your stimulating question. 🙂

  • Joe White

    I’m on the same platform as Bryn Kaufman and Sam Debord and my numbers are almost zero. I’ve never actually had a transaction from my website.

    I’ve dedicated my time building content – good; but obviously not enough. I just began tracking my results, doing PPC, Facebook advertising and now I’m goind after organic.

    I do expect my site to organically bring me one house transaction per year to pay for itself (besides my time).

    • Just to clarify, I believe Sam uses and I made my site from scratch, not using a specific website provider.

      Assuming you are on Real Geeks and not getting anything from it perhaps Sam has some tips.

      • Joe White

        Sorry Bryn,

        I see you around and I thought it was in the RG page.

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