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Credit Where It’s Due: Zillow’s Marketing

Though I still have many friends who work at Zillow, I’m not (financially) biased when I say I’m still constantly impressed with Zillow’s marketing…

I’m a fan.

(I should note that I just watched it on Youtube and a paid ad came on immediately following… go figure)

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  • It’s a really good story/video. It brings up the question I have about most real estate marketing:

    If you replaced the corporate sponsor in the ad with a competitor, would it work exactly the same? Is there any differentiation defined? If not, how effective will it be?

    There’s certainly something to be said for big brands just doing brand reinforcement. Coke’s polar bears commercials are ridiculous, but somebody smarter than me says they work. Zillow may just be that big of a brand now.

    • I think the counter to that question is that ideas are easy. Execution is hard. Sure you can swap that logo for anyone else in the industry. The difference is Z executes on this & got it seen…and no one else has.

      Yes, this very much could be a big brand doing brand reinforcement; I presume it’s working.

      • No doubt they’ve gotten really good at executing–I just don’t presume anything. 😉

        • early VP at Zillow…told me never to assume anything. One of the many lessons I learned from my time there.

          I said presume because it worked on me to cement the Z brand.

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