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Distribution Options for Your Real Estate Startup in 2017?

It’s safe to say virtually every single real estate technology product is plagued by distribution challenges in 2017. Some of you may have seen the news that Cloud CMA and Tom Ferry teamed up…see details here:

Having the most prolific speaker in the industry promote your product is obviously no small feat, even for Cloud CMA.

Unfortunately — not every startup has an industry vet with 25 years of experience & relationships (aka Greg Robertson) at their helm. In fact, virtually none of them do.

For the normal startup plagued with a distribution problem, what options are out there?

  • Sell to agents one by one
  • Sell to brokers one by one
  • Sell through technology providers
  • Sell through consultants
  • Sell through influencers (I include coaches and speakers in this bucket)
  • Sell through brokerages
  • Sell through franchises
  • Sell through MLS’

For the startups in the audience, which route are you taking? How is that strategy working?

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