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dsIDXpress PRO, Now at Your Disposal

In case you’ve missed the news from yesterday, dsIDXpress PRO (from Diverse Solutions) is now available.

dsIDXpress was cool. And, though I haven’t personally played with the new product, based on the blog post on Diverse Solutions’ blog, dsIDXpress PRO looks awesome.

Everything that was missing from dsIDXpress — chiefly forced and delayed registration settings (aka lead capture) — is now included in dsIDXpress PRO. Previously, leap capture features were only features included in dsSearchAgent. I know for a fact agents have been asking for that for well over a year, and it’s a nice addition.

The other new feature that really jumps out at me is the grid view for search results. It’s a known fact that pictures produce more clicks than anything else — and now you can show them prominently with grid view results within WordPress.

The cost for dsIDXpress PRO is $59.95 per month (plus $99.95 setup and any applicable MLS fees) compared to $29.95 per month for the standard dsIDXpress. If the lead capture feature captures 1 lead who turns into a client, that pretty quickly pays for a whole year of this product. I won’t labor on and on since I don’t have first hand experience with the product, so if you want to learn more head on over here and get your free trial.

If you are an agent or broker who has personally used the PRO version of dsIDXpress, and would like to write up your thoughts on the product in a guest blog post, please shoot me an email (drew at esmexecdesigns dot net) and I’ll set you up with a user account.

Happy IDX’ing (in WordPress of course)! And kudos to Diverse Solutions for putting out another seemingly (again, I haven’t tried it first hand) killer product offering that ups the bar for other vendors in the space.

Disclosure: This disclosure crap is annoying sometimes…but it should be noted anyway. As all regular readers know, I used to work at Zillow and am still a shareholder. And one of my really close friends happens to have built this specific product.

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  • Just got the account set up today. Going to mess with it this week and will post some links once I get it looking pretty

    • Matthew Robitaille

      I’m confused as to the conflict of interest with Zillow owning Diverse Solutions. Does anyone know if by using their IDX you are just helping Zillow’s Google ranking with link backs from YOUR (their) site?
      Just like they do with their agent sites and plugins.

  • The extra 30 bucks a month is absolutely worth it for the lead capture. Hoping to implement it soon.

  • Karen Highland

    I just got the standard, got a lead within 3 weeks. I haven’t had time to go through the tutorials and blog yet. I think it looks great! It’s added thousands of indexed pages to my website instantly. My website pages for my listings are showing up on the first page of Google searches of the address! I’m a big fan.

  • Diverse Solutions recently became a vendor in my local MLS so I could never personally use any of their products. They seemed pretty slick and quite powerful for an agent. Now that they are part of my MLS I am very strongly considering to add them to my repertoire. At this time I am not aware of another agent using them in my market. Do you think if I start using them first there will be an advantage to me since my domain will host their IDX content first?

  • I use diverse solutions as my idx broker and I’ve been very happy with the service. The lack of lead capturing was a big deal though because as it stood, I was just offering a free service to the public. I almost hired my own dev to write the lead capturing code, but when I called diverse solutions they assured me idxpress pro would be out very soon and would meet my needs. I plan on calling on monday and getting it all set up. If you are interested in seeing how idxpress renders on a wordpress cms site you can take a look at mine:

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