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Will the Amazon Echo (aka Alexa) Power the Future of Real Estate?

Echo dotI almost bought an Echo Dot for $49 this week (affiliate link), but didn’t quite pull the trigger.

Earlier today in Inman’s FB group (Yes, you should attend), I came across the following demo video from Voiceter Pro (they bill themselves as the conversational search company) of the Alexa real estate app they’ve built.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to be an inferior search experience to what buyers have today. Why not just pull out your iPad (or phone) and Zillow, Redfin, or It would take you less than 3 seconds to do the same search — and be looking at gorgeous photos on a screen.

Is the current search experience really that painful? Are buyers clamoring for a voice activated search?

I know Joel is bullish on the Echo / Alexa, and there is no doubt the technology will improve drastically in the coming months and years. The state of technology we see today will not be the state of its technology 6 months from now.

What do you think? Will Alexa power the future of real estate search?

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  • Walter Baum

    There is huge potential for real estate search via Alexa, Siri, Google Home, etc.. You make a good point about the photos, Drew. The bot would definitely need to be linked to a screen (TV) to display pictures, videos and allow for 3D walkthroughs. This capability already exists. My Google Home plays my Netflix to my TV on command. I could see a similar situation with an AI real estate app.

    • Apple tv / siri seems a more likely scenario for this given it’s integration with a screen.

    • Ami Berger

      Hey, I am one of the developers of this app (from the video) and I completely understand that without a picture this doesn’t work so well. If you will notice from the video, at the end, Alexa asks the user to check their email for a link to their results. This is the part where users will be able to see all of the pictures and the rest of the housing info.

      If you would like to see how it works in person anyone with an echo, tap or dot can download the app and check it out!

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