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Echo Goes Visual

I received an email from Amazon yesterday…

In order for the Alexa to deliver an amazing experience for many scenarios — certainly a real estate one — it needs a connected screen.

Echo Show is that screen.

The $229 price is a bit steep, but I’m sure that will come down a bit over time. I’m not sure what would entice me to buy another $200+ home electronics item, but it would have to be pretty compelling (unless it replaced my Apple TV). Maybe it’ll be an in-home video conference system — I don’t think I’d personally pay for that, but I’m sure some would. All that said, if I was Apple, I’d be a bit concerned that Alexa is seemingly so far ahead of Siri in the connected home.

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  • Wow, great idea.

    We have both Echo and Google Home. Looks like we might try the Echo Show too.

    • Idea for your next post: Detailed comparison of Echo and Google Home. What are the strengths/weaknesses of both?

      • We are not really power users so a detailed review would be difficult. Most of the time we use it to play music. The kids love shouting at it to play all types of songs.

        I also use it to text me reminders when I am walking around and think of something and do not feel like finding my phone. Interestingly they both did not support this important feature and I had to use to set it up and it was not easy to do so.

        My wife likes Google Home better because she feels it knows her music tastes and once she play a few songs she likes Google Home picks up on what she likes and keeps surprising her with great songs.

        For playing music when you subscribe to Google or Amazon Unlimited Music the selection is outstanding.

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