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Examples of Listing Videos you Believe to be Well Done?

Here’s a slideshow video of a cool house I came across today:

It’s a cool house (which is on 360modern), but lacking a bit on the execution side.

My question for you, is do you have examples of listing videos (both full video or images stitched together) you think are incredibly well done? I’m looking for inspiration.

If you’ve done a high quality video yourself recently, or have a link to one you’ve stumbled across in your own research for marketing ideas, please share in the comments.

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  • I am not a fan of the rotating image video with music. For me I would rather see those photos as large as possible at my own pace. That is just my personal opinion, I have no research as to what others prefer.

    Here is a video I viewed the other day that I really liked. The issue here is it is not cheap to do and is it worth it. It might be, as it might get them more listings.

    • Ryan Gullett

      This is the trend I am seeing with high end/luxury listing videos. They are more focused on lifestyle and showing people using the space inside+outside the house.The video was well done, not sure its what I personally like to view however.

      • Yea, me neither.

        Any cool luxury videos you’ve seen recently in your market?

        • Ryan, Drew, what is it you do not like about this video I shared? I can’t point to anything in it that is turning me off. What would you prefer to see?

          • Ryan Gullett

            I like the video, I think its really well done. Whoever did it obviously has talent and production value.

            For my taste, if I am watching a video (as a consumer) for a house, I don’t like the “actors” in the scenes. I guess all I care about is seeing the house, sometimes its distracting from that.

            These types of videos are getting popular, so obviously there is demand for it.

          • I wouldn’t say it’s obvious there is demand for it just because we’re seeing more videos like that.

            There was never demand (on the consumer side) to look at agent websites with (old) head shots in the header. But they still happened for years (and still is).

          • Great point, what we show and what the consumer wants to see are sometimes two different things.

          • Ryan Gullett

            True. It would interesting to conduct marketing stats on this type of subject.

            I guess I was making this judgement on real estate groups like I mentioned in my comment above that get all their business from producing “lifestyle” listing videos.

          • “…get all their business from producing “lifestyle” listing videos.”


          • Thanks Ryan, good to know. I am really studying all video techniques now to understand them better so I can create some good videos too.

            There seems to be 3 types of videos that I have seen. One is the rotating images with music. Two is a video tour, where the Realtor or seller talks about the homes best features as you move through the house. Three is the lifestyle video like the one I shared.

            Some might combine a bit of all 3.

      • I like it but it takes time and money to put something like this together. They have drone footage at the start, so that costs some money.

        Then each scene is about 1 to 1.5 seconds, so they had to film approximately 67 scenes, not including probably 20 or so scenes they shot that did not make the final cut.

        Then you have to piece together all these scenes.

        I have a camera coming in 2 days and I am going to take a shot at producing some quality videos like this but to highlight areas.

        If they work we might start doing videos like this for specific listings too.

    • “I am not a fan of the rotating image video with music.”

      Me either actually. I just thought that house was cool and it got me thinking about videos.

      We just finished a high end video for a listing Heidi Ward is selling, but it’s not quite ready for promo. I’ll share it here on Geek Estate once it is.

    • Caryn Josepher

      Great quality video but it misses the mark because it’s not addressing the needs of the preferred viewer. If you’re choosing to live in an elegant high rise it’s probably because you want to be in the middle of everything going on….probably not on an empty beach. This is just a guess, but it would have helped to show a more active lifestyle and taking in all the fun in the local area and how close things are.

  • Ryan Gullett

    This real estate groups entire marketing strategy is producing high quality listing videos.

    They probably do some of the best work around Southern California. I was just watching this video the other week.

    • Caryn Josepher

      Perfect mix of lifestyle and showing off the property! There was a lot of repetition in the show choices but overall, beautiful!

    • Ryan, that is a great one but that is 1% living. It would be interesting to see more videos done for the average home.

      • There’s not enough commission in regular homes to warrant investing big bucks in great video production. That’s why it’s mostly images stitched together or amateur shot footage.

        • Right, you won’t see anything like the one above.

          I had one video that the seller did which was a walk through with the seller showing off their upgrades.

          That was pretty good for a medium priced home. They removed it so I can’t share it here.

  • I always like the video listing that ‘tell the story’, not just show the photo of the property itself but the surrounding neighborhood. Yes it is expensive and mostly for high end. Always like Flashframe Production, I think they are based in NY. Here’s one of their video

  • I personally know this agent and she did this video for less than $1,000. It is nice if you have bigger budget but I think you can do it for less as well.

    • Ryan Gullett

      Would like to know more data on video lengths and what consumers like…I think a 5 minute video on a listing is a little long in my opinion anyway.

      • hahahah…that is exactly what I told her @ryangullett:disqus , you are spot on.
        would love to see the data ……

  • We provide video listings for agents in all price ranges.. Here is our YouTube channel with over 800 videos… We have never charged over $1000 for a video and don’t plan to. I know we are underpriced, but our videographer LOVES what he does so he’s ok with it.

    • Ryan Gullett

      I like the map of showing off areas around the property.

      Would be cool to do this on Property listings. For exampling show proximity to Schools, Parks, Shopping. Then go into details of the home.

  • This is one of our most viewed videos, we only charged $800 for this video.

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