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Geek Estate Founding Member Spotlight: Caroline Pinal from Giveback Homes

caroline pinalWe’ve now published four Geek Estate founding member interviews; Jennifer Kjellgren, Sep Niakan, Eileen Romito, and Ryan Coon. The interviews are meant to give you a taste of current business priorities, products and trends to watch in 2018, and what they enjoy about being a Geek Estate mastermind member.

Our 5th interview is with Caroline Pinal from Giveback Homes. I’ve written about Giveback Homes at length in the past, and am a huge huge fan.

Without further ado…

What’s your most significant business focus for 2018?

Our biggest focus is on continuing to help as many people as possible and to share all the good Giveback Homes Members are doing in the world. To that end, we are most excited about launching and mobilizing the Giveback Homes Advocate Program and formalizing our advisory board to help us grow even more.

What real estate technology trend or product are your most excited about?

We are so proud of the way CEOs and leaders in both in real estate and outside of it have been stepping up and advocating for important causes. CEO acctivism isn’t a trend, it’s a movement that’s definitely not going anywhere. In the past, companies have tried to remain neutral on controversial social issues, afraid of alienating customers; but CEOs of large companies (e.g., Starbucks, Salesforce, Apple, Facebook, Ben & Jerry’s, Airbnb, Lyft, etc.) have been taking a stance on social issues like race relations, climate change and gender equality, making corporate neutrality a thing of the past.

What do you like about being a Geek Estate member?

I like that it’s a small curated group that can cultivate productive conversations. The members of this group care passionately about real estate, technology and the future of the industry.

Thank you Caroline for being a founding member!

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