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Geek Estate Membership is Coming

For those who have been reading a long, long time — you may remember there used to be a Geek Estate Pro portion of this website (see here and here). It was a members-only area of the site which included a forum, as well as premium content related to real estate blogging & marketing. I eventually shut it down as I got busy with Oh Hey World and Horizon.

I’ve wanted to bring a premium version of Geek Estate back for a long time, and am finally doing so with It’s the next step to making Geek Estate a member funded business.

What is it you ask?

A private community of creatives making real estate, financial independence, & home ownership more accessible using technology.

It is a PAID community targeted at founders, executives, consultants, vendors, CTO’s, and thought leaders. Members will be screened to ensure a high standard is met. Members will not waste your time, and you’ll be able to connect with other peers in a trusted, curated environment. Knowledge sharing is a crucial piece of community — thus, if you’re the type of person who shares nothing about strategy or tactics with others you won’t be a good fit. If you want a better idea as to what Geek Estate community will look like going forward, have a look at DC (a private community of location independent entrepreneurs).

I’ll be publishing more details in the coming days and weeks.

If you want in as a founder member and get discounted pricing for life (first 50 people only), please fill out this form.

About Drew Meyers

Founder of Geek Estate Blog / Geek Estate Labs. Zillow Alum. Travel addict & co-founder of Horizon. Social entrepreneurship & microfinance advocate. Fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kiva.

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