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Geek Estate Newsletter #22 – Zillow Goes to Canada

The purpose of Geek Estate’s mastermind community is two fold:

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In this week’s member newsletter (#22), I discussed Zillow plans for Canada, financial planning, and coworking.

In my “non-industry reads” section, one of the links included was I Can’t Wait for You to See What We Do Next by Kevin Gibbon (CEO of Shyp). Kevin mentioned “…growth at all costs is a dangerous trap that many startups fall into, mine included.” Like many other startups, they scaled too prematurely with bad unit economics. I worry about this with both Uber and Lyft. Sure, they’ve delivered a win to the consumer in the form of lower prices and a better rider experience. However, the “driver” side of the market is not happy, and we all know an unbalanced marketplace of incentives won’t stand the test of time. Many real estate startups who heavily favor one side (agents or consumers) in sellers market may be wiped out quickly once the market self corrects to normal.

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