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Giving Back to Local Communities

You may have seen my post on socially conscious real estate agents/brokerages, and By now, you know I’m a huge proponent of social good/social enterprise/social entrepreneurship. Whatever you want to call it, across all industries, I think we’re starting to see a shift toward businesses and organizations that are focused on more than just the bottom line. I’d love to see the real estate industry be one of the industries at the forefront of that shift.

As a result of trading some emails with Bonnie Meisels after the socially conscious real estate agent post, I learned about an organization she is involved with — REBSEA (real estate & business social enterprise association). I spent an hour on the phone today with one of the organization’s founders, David Matluck, learning a bit more about what they are doing now and plan to do in the future. They are already well on their way to building a network based on the premise of giving back to local communities, with 50+ members already.


One such member of REBSEA is Give Realty in Austin, TX. As a result of finding Give Realty, I also uncovered Austin Gives, a local organization they support. Austin Gives is a community program to recognize and encourage business philanthropy in metropolitan Austin.austingives

Are there brokerages and organizations taking this same approach in other cities? If so, would love it if you’d leave a link to their site in the comments.

PS: If you like REBSEA’s approach, I urge you to join the REBSEA community page on Oh Hey World.

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