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Where the Hell is….

I just came across this video, Bounce. You should watch it. My bet is that you’ll get through the whole thing.

It’s basically a soccer version of Where the Hell is Matt. Some of you may have seen several of the Where the Hell is Matt videos over the years. The concept is simple: Matt Harding, dancing all over the world. Here’s one from 2006:

My question: why has no one done a “where the hell is matt” in a real estate context? There are tons of amazing properties around the world, each with very different architecture and culture. Pick an individual, or family — and film them doing the same thing in various types of houses in all different countries. Maybe it’s watching a sports game. Maybe it’s reading a book. Maybe it’s shaving. Maybe it’s cooking. Or yoga.

Blend real estate, travel, and culture. Anyone game?

PS: No surprise since I’m a travel addict, but I’m more than happy to travel around the world to help make this happen, provided it’s on someone else’s dime.

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  • Actually, that’s a great idea! I have seen some agents take pics around town and tweet them and ask, “Where am I?” Similar idea, but video would be even better.

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