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Howard Hanna Partners with Zillow

Following the recent decisions by several brokerages (ARG & Edina) to stop syndicating their listings, Howard Hanna has partnered with Zillow on a new marketing agreement. Here’s the video explaining their reasoning:

YouTube Preview Image

As Rob mentions on Facebook, “This is a much, much bigger deal than people are realizing at the moment.”

Think the tide is shifting on this listing syndication discussion?

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6 Responses to Howard Hanna Partners with Zillow

  1. The shit is starting to hit the fan.

  2. Art says:

    so the listing agents get their listing leads thru Zillow… all other listings will channel thru corporate referral to the appropriate HH branch office.  Seems like a good deal for them to buy leads… I mean “partner with Zillow to be able to provide accurate data.”

  3. Craig Kamman says:

    I am confused.  Is Howard Hanna pulling syndication from Trulia and and exclusively advertising on Zillow (“Partnership”)?  Or are they merely agreeing to an advertising campaign on Zillow and leaving syndication everywhere?

  4. Alex Cortez says:

    The tide is shifting? Hardly. It seemed like a very one-sided deal and one that the aggregators couldn’t afford to offer every brokerage. Sounds like real estate agents are waking up and will send ZRT down the same road of MySpace.

  5. Mike McGee says:

    So, all it takes is a cold $1M bucks to persuade Zillow to send leads to the actual agent for that property.

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