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immoviewer Creates Floor Plans From 360° Photos

There was some big news last week from one of Geek Estate‘s founding members — Jeff Turner, CEO of immoviewer US.

No Measuring. We Do All The Work.

We’ve been testing floor plan creation from the 360° images in your immoviewer 3D tours for several months now and we’re happy to announce their official launch. Beginning today, you can now order floor plans right from your desktop dashboard. And the only measuring you’ll need to do is from the floor to the center of your camera lens. Simple. Easy. Just how we all like it.

Not only are you able to download the 2D floor plans for use in other marketing materials, but your floor plans will be integrated directly into your tours. This provides a new way for the consumer to navigate through the home. The floor plan scales when you hover and provides feedback on what direction you’re facing in the space. In addition, you can jump from room to room by simply clicking on the floor plan.

Simple. Easy. Affordable.

Floor plans start at just $25 and can be purchased in bulk for as little as $20.

Congrats on the product progress.

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