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Are Your Listing Videos Telling a Story?

Watch the following listing video for 296 Borden St by the BREL Team in Toronto…

Its storytelling, focusing on the emotional side of finding that perfect home. It even alludes to the history of the home.

Well done.

[via Greg Fischer]

PS: Speaking of “if these walls could talk” (watch the video), I still think of this video from several years ago.

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  • That is the best Real Estate Video I have ever seen. Not sure what is involved to put something like that together but it must have taken some time to do.

  • Steve

    The BREL Team video for their Borden Street listing is BRILLIANT in every respect! Over the past 10 years, my company has produced over 7K PhotoTours. During that time, we’ve only had a couple of clients who have had the vision / commitment / financial resources to do it right (e.g., Most ‘virtual tours’ are just a photo slideshow that really don’t tell a story. It’s unfortunate that quality video is so expensive to produce, and that agents are so cheap!

    • “It’s unfortunate that quality video is so expensive to produce, and that agents are so cheap!”

      Those two points don’t work well together. The biggest factor, I think to the lack of great videos, is that agents aren’t paid until they sell a property. So great videos are an expense they must pay for on their own upfront…without knowing whether they will get a return. And, as you mentioned, good video is not cheap.

  • Terri

    Hey Drew – I figured out a solution on paying for the videos. I ask the seller to pay for the video up front and I will reimburse at closing. If the house does not sell while I have it listed, the seller has the rights to keep the video and use it with the next listing agent since it is unbranded. So far, it has been well received and several sellers have taken advantage of it. Now I do offer the “virtual tours” (aka pictures put to music) for free.

    What a great video and what creativity. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Melanie Piche

    Hi everybody! I’m the listing agent for this property and I’m glad everyone enjoyed the video. For those of you wondering…I spent $1,620 on it ($1,000 for videography and editing, $500 for a script and $120 for the talent via Craigslist), and about 6 hours of my time at the shoot, plus maybe 3-4 hours brainstorming and giving my thoughts in between edits. This is a $1.2 million property, which makes it easier to justify the cost, plus it will make a great piece for future listings presentations.

    • Thanks for sharing.

    • Olga St. Pierre

      Melanie, did you sell this property?

      • Melanie Piche

        Yes! It sold in 7 days with multiple offers…..

  • HubOfErik

    I love it. This video does everything right. But as Melanie points, out, it only works well for high-end properties that will generate hefty commissions. What’s the right price to pay for a video for a $300,000 property or a $700,000 property. Do you think that a high quality video would justify spending $200? $100?

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