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Looking Outside of Real Estate – Email Marketing Done Right

I get a lot of email marketing messages. And I instantly delete or SPAM most of them.

The one email list I actually enjoy getting in my inbox?

Jason Calacanis ( and are the projects he is working on).


They come from a real person, not a brand. He shares his real, honest opinions – even though he knows they will piss some people off. Emails are thoughtful, and relevant to building my technology business. They contain mistakes he’s made in past business dealings. It comes from his gmail address, and I know if I email him, he’ll probably look at it and give at least a brief response (though I haven’t emailed him about anything yet).

Here is the most recent one I got (note I don’t read the blog, but consume the same content in my inbox).

What email lists do you belong to that you get real value from?

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