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Market Leader's Big Week

Market Leader has been busy this week. First, they announced their new “Market Insider” (essentially a competitor to Altos Research). Then, today, they announced they have acquired Sharper Agent, a technology provider providing online and print marketing suites for agents. They are obviously incredibly focused on building an all-encompassing technology & marketing platform for agents and brokers by tying all these services together seamlessly. With these two latest announcements, they are effectively taking on Altos Research and Diverse Solutions (with their new dsSearchAgent Mobile) in a single week.

Anyone else aside from me expect to see some further consolidation in the real estate technology space over the next year or two?

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  • Michael Wurzer

    Drew, I think you’re confusing Sharper Agent, which Market Leader acquired, with SmarterAgent, which is the mobile search firm.

    • Good catch Michael. My bad – you’re right. I just modified the post slightly.

  • Just a quick note on this.  If Sharper Agent is what was acquired…..I don’t expect much of an impact.  I’ve been privy to this product for about five or more years, and it’s simply not up to my expectations.  I would welcome input from someone from Sharper Agent, but it seems that their platform is behind the times, and that they’ve tried to tweak the product instead of doing a complete re-write.  Just sayin……

    • I personally don’t know too much about the specifics of Sharper Agent’s platform (I originally thought they acquired Smarter Agent) — but the press release says they have 30,000 clients. That’s a sizable group of agents for Market Leader to market their primary product to.

  • Faron Williams

    This is somewhat off topic, however, does anyone know of a way to transfer my entire database from the backend of my ML site to a WordPress site? I want to use Wise Agent, I just don’t have the time to transfer years of contacts and groups, and I certainly don’t want to lose all of them.

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