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Matterport – 3D is Here


I first heard about Matterport quite some time ago, likely from a random blog post or tweet. Then Seth (Curb Call) recently told me about it after witnessing the technology first hand at Realogy FWD. But I still hadn’t taken a close look to truly understand how their technology worked. On Wednesday, I got a brief demo at Inman Connect. And, let me tell you, it’s damn impressive. A advanced camera is placed in the room, click a button and it scans 360 degress, move the camera to a different part of the home/room, press go again and continue moving it around until it fills in all the gaps with imagery. All the imagery (extensive) is stored on Mattport’s servers. At the end, a full 3D rendering is delivered that can be embedded elsewhere.

Why does this matter? It’ll save everyone time. You can bet this will increase conversions of people who actually come see houses since they have already done a complete walk through digitally. Rather than seeing 50 houses in person, maybe buyers will only have to see 10. That’s a win for both buyers and agents alike.

Surefield is playing with this technology as well, but Matterport blows them away (IMO).

Right now, the technology requires a camera that costs $4,500 (order here). But, that will change over time, and you can imagine your smart phone powering the imagery. When that happens, this 3D technology will become affordable to virtually every single agent and broker.

This applies to residential real estate.

New Construction.


Or, really, any space in the real world. 3D is here. The possibilities for this technology are virtually endless.

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  • Drew, I looked at this technology a few weeks ago as I was going to implement it for my sellers, but after viewing several tours I realized I was getting nauseous.

    I let the expert know who shot the tour about it thinking it might just be me, and he said that is typical for this type of tour and he has seen it happen to many others, so it was not just me.

    Perhaps there is a way to slow it down or restrict the movement in some way to make sure viewers do not get nauseous, and I hope they recognize this issue and are working on it.

    Not sure if you were hands on with it or watching a video or watching a demo, but hands on when you start to move around different homes quickly you might see what I mean.

    I think this type of tour has a lot of potential, and I hope they can fix that issue, and once they do I will be looking at it again.

  • Marybeth Mills Muldowney

    Wow this looks incredible – I love new technology and pride myself on being there but this looks like it still has a bit of a trial and error period before I invest.
    Would love to hear thoughts on those who have made the investment!

  • Lani Rosales

    Without a doubt, there are devices and apps that already do this, but what I’m REALLY fascinated by and didn’t know is that all of this is hosted on THEIR servers. That’s frickin’ huge. They’re back on my radar!

  • I like the potential of this, but I agree, it is a little nauseating. Has anyone looked into or tried a cheaper option like galileo sphere by mottr?

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