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Meet the RE Tech Entrepreneur: Rick Orr from RealSavvy

In our latest real estate tech interview, we’re talking with the CEO of RealSavvy, Rick Orr. Based in Austin, RealSavvy is a technology platform for brokerages (Redfin-in-a-box).

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What do you do?

rick-orrI’m the CEO / Co-founder of RealSavvy. We offer collaborative home search platform for real estate professionals in 21 US markets and growing rapidly.

Why do you do what you do?

For 18+ years there has been a certain duality to my professional life – tech startup entrepreneur by day, Realtor by nights and weekends to help bootstrap early stage companies and because, well, I enjoy it. For the first time with RealSavvy, I am able to combine my love for building great products with my passion for improving the real estate industry by offering its agents and consumers a more collaborative and efficient search to close experience. Many technology companies in our space are out to displace the MLS, its data or its members – a member of the ecosystem myself, we are out to make agents, teams and broker offices more successful by modernizing their tools and by bringing consumers a consistent, delightful and accurate experience that they are compelled to share.


What are you most excited about right now?

While the concept of an all-in-one platform is far from new, our collaborative IDX, native mobile app, lead management CRM and real-time MLS connection are being met with great excitement by our customers. Filters on a WordPress template isn’t a differentiated experience you would invite your friends or family to join – we bring a more interactive and social flare to the process of a life stage purchase and are thrilled that the market is responding so positively.

What’s next for you?

While our focus remains on delivering an unrivaled collaborative IDX experience, we are growing our team to expand our lead management system (CRM) to include a few new, but quite powerful, features.

What’s a cause you’re passionate about and why?

Clean water for everyone. It’s a shame how poor the drinking water conditions are for a substantial part of this world made up of, well, mostly water.

Meet The RE Tech EntrepreneurThanks to Rick for sharing his story. If you’re keen to connect with Rick further, you can find him on Twitter @orrrick.

We’re constantly looking for great real estate tech entrepreneurs to feature. If that’s you, please read this post — then drop Mike a line (mikeprice @ geekestatelabs dot com).

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  • Thanks for the post Drew and Mike – honored to be included on the geek real estate blog! Here if anyone would like to find out more or just chat RE Tech in general.

  • The website doesn’t give any indication of the pricing model. Is it geared towards individual agents and in line with other competitors such as realgeeks, or is it geared towards large teams and brokerages?

    Clicking through to see some of the clients it seems there is only iOS and no Android app.

    • Hi ocLuke –

      We work with mid-size brokerages like and who leverage our full suite website CMS, IDX, iOS app and lead management (CRM) to single agents like all the way up to 200-500 agent multi-market offices (to be announced soon). Further, for those that like their site already, we can integrate our IDX into wordpress or any other site with a basic CMS and iFrame or subdomain support (preferred for SEO optimization reasons of course).

      You are right on the Android front BUT it’s important to us and will be available early Summer. We wanted to complete some important CRM features and neighborhood features on the iOS and web before embarking on Android which is a more complex platform due to the array of devices. That’s not to say Android isn’t a priority, we just had to order our releases. Happy to chat live if you – or anyone else where – would like. rick at realsavvy dot com is my direct email.



    • And Luke, our pricing for agents for a site, app, IDX and CRM ranges from $99 to 199/month typically with no setup fees.

  • Laura Ludwig

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