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Mobile Apps and Web Services Development for the Real Estate Industry

Your business is selling real estate. You have a strategic opportunity. Your success has created an unfair advantage, but you have to move now. Cloudspace gives you the digital strategy and development resources to execute at startup speed.

If you have that amazing product idea you know will drive your business forward, and no internal development resources to execute on it — we’re the right partner. Doing software development for 15 years, we’ve learned a few things (and built & sold numerous companies). We’ve learned there are a lot of vendors who say they specialize in building great products, and few that actually do.

Cloudspace is not the cheapest option. But you won’t have to wonder whether we will deliver what we’ve promised.

Building web and mobile applications since 1996


  • Strategic evaluation of new product and service ideas
  • Product planning and feature prioritization
  • Web & Mobile app development
  • Agile and pair programming training

Why Cloudspace?

  1. Average tenure at Cloudspace is over seven years. Most places, it’s 18 months.
  2. Incredible pedigree of partners (Todd Sampson and Eric Marcoullier) who bring that experience to your project.
  3. 8 years of deep real estate industry technology experience (Drew Meyers) overseeing your project
  4. We will quickly crush it for you on meaningful products that drive real value to your customers.
  5. Ruby on Rails, Python, MySQL, Postgress, Node.JS, Angular, iOS, Android (among others).

Past Clients & Projects

  • RentAdvisor
  • Klout
  • MyBlogLog
  • More

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