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More on HouseCanary

I’m on record as being a skeptic on HouseCanary. I thought I’d share a video of a presentation by their CEO, Jeremy Sicklick (via VendorAlley):

After watching the video — I’m still a skeptic. It seems home price indexes at the block level is their differentiator.

My question — who cares about block level analysis? Some investors, sure — but consumers? I don’t think so. Hasn’t Zillow already done everything HouseCanary is doing?

[via VendorAlley]

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  • pam hughes

    Drew, your skepticism is well founded. For s&g’s I plugged in an address for a home that just closed in Mirrormont (Issaquah, WA) for $465,000. The AVR at housecanary? It was $608,000. Even the range missed the mark significantly. Now, if the algorithm looked at the publicly available data, I do not believe that $608k would have made sense. What is the value of putting more disinformation into the public domain? What’s the real end game, I wonder.

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