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Nextdoor Adopted by New York City


We’ve covered Nextdoor before. It was announced today that New York City has adopted Nextdoor — in a big, big way.

How are you reaching your farm? Have you started a Nextdoor community for your neighborhood? How are you planning to win the neighborhood opportunity?

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  • Now that people are experiencing this violent shift to a HOT market and the frenzy that goes with it, it’s easy to spend every waking moment focused on taking advantage of today’s immediate opportunities. Instead of keeping one eye on the future.

    Of course the down cycle will hit some day. Thinking way ahead, the opportunities like the the one you’re sharing here are how the super-savvy will lay the foundation for mind-share domination in the future. When things get tight again, you’d own the market and any downturn would only serve to turn mind-share into market share, overshadowing competitors who weren’t thinking way ahead. Any immediate or near term success would be icing on the cupcake.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thinking ahead. Unfortunately, most won’t do that.

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