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Open Source CLI (command line interface) for Querying RETS Servers and Searching Metadata

retsProps to Ari Summer for releasing an open source CLI (command line interface) for querying RETS servers and searching metadata.

The gem is built on top of the rets gem, which handles the actual querying and parsing of the RETS server requests.

You can download and clone the repo on GitHub:

Ari, please feel free to leave further clarification about what exactly this would enable a developer to do in the comments.

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  • Ari Summer

    Thanks for the post Drew!

    I work for SnApp and we build mobile apps for real estate agents and brokers. We integrate with many MLSes via RETS. This tool is intended to make that integration process easier.

    If you are consuming RETS data, chances are you will want to map that data to some schema within your own system. In order to do so you’ll have to sift through the metadata on the RETS server which can be a vary tedious process. This is where the metadata search feature of retscli comes in. Retscli will grab fetch the metadata and search through it for the given term, highlighting your results.

    Often just searching through metadata isn’t enough and you’ll want to see real data. This is where the resource search feature comes in. This feature allows you to retrieve resources on the RETS server and presents the results in a nicely formatted ascii table, just as a sql cli would (mysql, psql, etc.).

    There are a few more nice features like debug mode and validating credentials. If anyone has any feedback, I’d love to hear it. Please feel free to contact me or open an issue on github.


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