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OpenStreetView – A New Alternative to StreetView


OpenStreetView recently launched (SearchEngineLand coverage). Real estate is a big vertical for Google Maps and StreetView. For the mapping geeks out there, you should take a look.

If you’d like to learn more, here’s a presentation with more of the thinking/vision:

For those interested in the mapping space, another player you should be aware of is Mapbox (who I spoke with at Inman a few weeks ago, and added to the post about local data sources).

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  • This concept has potential. It is a neat idea to get local people to contribute their knowledge and content for places all over the world.

    The challenge is they are going to have to have a ton of local content you can’t get anywhere else.

    There is just no way the phone is coming close to the angle and control that the Google Street View camera has, so unless they can get all types of local content that you can’t get on street view, I don’t see it taking off.

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