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Placester, and $10 Websites

Placester took a shot at Zillow by slashing their agent website prices [Via Realuoso].

From their CEO Matt Barba…

If having a great website is a given, then affording a great website should be too. We strongly believe this is what it should cost to build and run a quality real estate website.

I know what it takes to build and run a quality website (having worked at Virtual Results from 2010-2011) — and it’s a heck of a lot more than $10/month.

Anyone charging more doesn’t have the best interests of real estate agents in mind.

Umm… or not every vendor selling agent websites has venture capital to take a loss every single month with the goal of getting huge (& monetizing later). I highly, highly doubt Zillow is making any money on their $10 websites; they are a lead generation strategy for Zillow Premiere Agents. And I highly doubt Placester will ever make any real money selling $10 websites either. But I wish them the best of luck trying.


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