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Real Estate Tech Startup Product Validation & Design

You have an amazing idea for a mobile app, or website, that will transform the lives of agents, brokers, or consumers.

We have the product strategy and management, design, and technical connections & expertise to bring it to light.

There are many great product ideas sitting in the heads of brokers, entrepreneurs. But there is a disconnect between product ideas and reality.

Building a great product involves more than just an idea. It involves deep industry understanding, concept validation, wireframing, product design, customer research, and user interface design. Of course, it also involves finding people with the technical expertise to actually build a website and/or mobile app.

You can of course tackle all these components by yourself. But we have a wealth of experience doing exactly this, with a deep, deep understanding of the real estate landscape to know whether you are on to something big or going down a rat hole.

Starter Pack – Concept Validation

We turn your idea, into viable concept screens you can use to validate the idea with its target market.

  • Low-Fidelity Wireframes
  • Semi-Static Design Screens/Mock-ups (JPGs)

Turbo Pack – Concept Validation & Asset Handoff to Development Firm

We turn your idea into a concept and assets you can take to development firms for quotes.

  • Low-Fidelity Wireframes
  • Semi-Static Design Screens/Mock-ups (JPGs & PSDs)
  • Interaction and Animation Design
  • Quotes from 2 Development Shops

The Full Schabang

We turn your idea into a fully baked minimal viable product.

  • Low-Fidelity Wireframes
  • Semi-Static Screens/Mock-ups
  • Interaction and Animation Design
  • User testing
  • Bidding the project out with development firms
  • Project management & coordination throughout with the development firm of choice


Contact us by scheduling a call with Drew via his profile. Pricing will depend on the scope and complexity of the product you are building. We have a project minimum of $5k.

Who We Are

Drew Meyers and Will Moyer have been working together for three years on Oh Hey World and Horizon (which is still bootstrapped). Drew is a product & marketing strategist with 8 years of experience, and extensive connections, in the real estate industry. Will has been doing design work for over a decade. Whether it’s layout and typography or HTML and CSS, he is passionate about simple and elegant solutions.

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