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Reali, Yet Another Taking Aim at Commissions

Reali, which raised 2 million in 2016, is another startup taking center aim at commissions (that topic no one likes to talk about).

Sellers, pay a low total commission and get more out of your investment when listing with Reali. Experience selling with Reali.

Video overview:

The challenge with models taking aim at commissions publicly is listings listed with such brokerages are at an instant disadvantage. Why? Because some/many buyers brokers (who have relationships with buyers) won’t pro-actively show their clients these properties — even if they fall within the lines of what they’re looking for. Last I checked, you need two sides of a transaction for a deal to close.

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  • Reali gives buyer’s agents 2%. I do not think that will prevent agents from showing the property. In my market 2.5% is the norm, so this is lower but not dramatically.

    They must have a great pitch to investors because discounting the commission as we know from all the others who have done this is not a path to gain much market share. Then they have the on demand open house and the beacons in the home giving buyers information. Nice tech but not something that a company can grab a lot of market share with.

    • Agreed.

      Even though they get their 2% instead of 2.5% — I think there is a bias not to do deals with brokers who discount (and try to push some of the list side work off to the buy side). I have no math to know what % of agents discriminate, but I know it happens — more than people think. I firmly believe those listing with a discount broker are at a disadvantage — fewer buyer showings, fewer offers, and lower selling price. If someone had data on that, I’d love to see it..

  • Jim Morrison

    Thank you for a very clear explanation, a very informative article, now that’s something to learn.

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