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Website & IDX Combo for Boutique Brokerages — RealSavvy

There’s a new technology vendor worth taking a look at if you’re a boutique brokerage/team, and searching for a new website/IDX provider.


They’re based in Austin, and look to have a fairly slick offering. It’s a full website, IDX, and CRM in one, teamed with an iOS app (with Android coming soon).

(and yes, I’ve long been a skeptic that native mobile apps are worth the money for an agent/broker given the massively high bar to get people to download/use native apps, see KW’s attempt – but we’ll leave that discussion for another time)

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  • What is special about it?

    He mentioned they are the only all in one but what about Real Geeks, Boomtown, Commissions Inc., etc. They are also IDX and CRM.

    It might be a very nice platform, but I am wondering what if anything sets it apart from the other popular options mentioned above.

    • Hi Bryn –

      Again, my apologies on the slow response. I concede that all-in-one and, frankly, CRM are such bloated industry packaging terms that it’s hard to distill what’s what – please allow me to try and convey what makes us different.

      First, as an 18 year Realtor, I feel our IDX (VOW in all markets where available) is just better than what’s out there because we don’t view home search as a commodity like many others. Consumers want Zillow with accurate data on a platform that their trusted agent recommends. Candidly, while we are delighted by the market’s response to our offering having attracted many of the top brokers and agents in our initial markets, we are nowhere near finished with our mission to empower real estate professionals with a better UI/UX than the national portals and mega-brokers.

      Most of our brokerage/team/agent customers are, indeed, tech aware and, well, savvy. We focus on small to medium sized offices, teams and individual agents with otherwise “well” businesses but who are looking for an edge in the area of consumer delight, connective tissue and conversion from lead to contract.

      UX is inherently subjective but, on the whole, we tend to excel in this area compared to the industry. That said, please, challenge us to do better as, again, the failures of RE Tech – in my humble opinion – are largely due to tech fatigue by the industry’s influencers. To help change this trend, we are committed to pushing the proverbial envelope for those who understand our vision and, frankly, accepting that we won’t be the platform for folks that believe status quo is okay as it related to competing for favor with today’s buyers and sellers.

      Finally, on the “CRM” front, I think this term means too many things and thus means nothing to the SMB office and individual agent space where we focus a good portion of our sales efforts. We are all about delightful lead management, listing alerts, data-driven activity alerts (velocity of buyers, sellers and collaborators) and mobile driven connective tissue including instant SMS for virtually anything that can make an agent money or lead to such. We are adding important features this year around email/marketing automation and select social media related features (FB, Snap, Insta) that will further our commitment to redefine the context of “CRM” for this space. Importantly, for our “backend” whether it be CMS updates that offer more admin controls to keep your site evergreen, our listings CMS or, of course, lead management platform (“CRM”) our clients will never pay more for a new version. If we felt a feature was important enough to build, our customers should have the opportunity to take advantage of it.

      Thanks for post Bryn and should you need our help in Oahu…please call me directly and I’ll come pitch you in person! No, no really, I don’t mind.

      rick at realsavvy dot com

  • I have a similar position as Bryn. I do not understand the business model of hide your competitive advantage(s) and pricing behind lead capture forms in which 95% of potential customers bounce because they can’t find the info they are looking for in the first minute or two.
    Having CRM baked into their IDX + website makes it less enticing, given that CRM is difficult enough to get right on its own.

    • Way behind responding to this ocLuke, my apologies.

      Fair point on the pricing info – we’ve been busy is my poor, but honest excuse. Indeed, our VP Marketing had to field sales calls while we grew sales (tripled in last 60 days) and, frankly, we are just behind on updating the product and pricing pages on our site.

      As for pricing, for an individual agent looking for an IDX with our integrated CRM and a semi-custom web site, RealSavvy starts at $99/month. Broker offices (fewer than 10) range from $199 to $999 per month for semi-custom and, well, much more for custom sites BUT considerably more affordable than our competition in custom bake-offs to date primarily because we don’t bill hourly. is a good example of our work on the high end and is an example of our most popular semi-custom offering for brokers and teams.

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