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Redfin + Matterport. 3D is Here.

Apparently Redfin folks agree with me; Matterport is the real deal.

They just released their 3D tours today

Which major brokerage is next in line?

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  • Thanks Drew, I am now offering this to my sellers.

    • Bryn … we launched the Matterport User Group (MUG) forum today. Google us, if interested …(Dan)

      • Katya Kean

        Dan, I loved your Fashion Model / Tech Village mashup tour! Very clever, almost game-like in the added fun of finding the model in each scan-position.

  • I’ll admit it is very cool. The ability to zoom in and out between floorplan and dollhouse is great. I was working on a startup doing something similar about 7 years ago. Where we ran into trouble was twofold: the ability to operate in an increasingly mobile world (flash was required and iOS did not support) and the integration with MLS. With the majority using or others if the presentation was not featured or integrated with this sites it would remain a novelty seldom seen much like virtual tours or videos are today. Great listing tool (you know, that perceived advantage listing agents spend money on to wow an seller even though the benefit is negligible).

    What we really need is a more inclusive MLS that enables agents to use these tools to get the message out and seen.

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