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Start-Up Chile’s Portfolio of Real Estate Start-Ups

startup-chileAs many of you know, I’m currently down in Santiago going through Start-Up Chile building Horizon.

Horizon is not a real estate startup. That said, there are a number of real estate startups that have gone through the incubator, some of the founders I’ve spoken to and others I haven’t. Here are a few: (Generation 10) is the easiest way for a real estate professional to build beautiful property websites online

Mobii (Generation 10) is a webapp specifically designed for real estate agents that allows them to easily fill out details, take photos on the scene, manage their properties portfolio, clients requirements, and to collaboratively work with other real estate agents. All from any device. Targeted for agents in Colombia.

InfoRemate (Generation 10) is a SaaS platform that gives you the information you need to purchase foreclosed properties at judicial auctions, breaking the monopoly on information and giving you the ability to purchase your next property at below market value.

Goplaceit (Generation 6) is a real-time market for high-demand real estate properties. House hunters can create specific zones where they want to live, select desired property filter and sign up for alerts to notify them when properties meeting their description become available.

PropiedadFacil (Generation 1) is a marketing/tech company that helps agents and builders sell more properties, faster. We have great backend tools to manage large online portfolios in our portal and others, online and offline marketing products, and specialised services for industry professionals.

Kwelia (Generation 3) helps uncover what apartments are worth.

Renthackr (Generation 5) helps you connect with the best apartments before they
hit the market. Based in New York City.

If you know other real estate startups that have been incubated by Start-Up Chile, please leave a comment with a link to their site (& ideally a short description) and I’ll add them to this list.

Note: Horizon is currently in private beta for members of the Start-Up Chile community. If you are a founder that has gone through the program, please get in touch:


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  • Tyler

    A Real Estate Startup during my round of Startup Chile was Kwelia Great Team and product.

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