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What Would An Amazon Strategy for Brokerages/Franchises Entail?

by Drew Meyers on 10:49 pm June 25, 2017

You probably heard the news about the acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon ($13.7 billion). It’s a big deal — Amazon just secured their biggest and best customer for their grocery services. Honestly, Amazon’s strategy and execution are beyond comprehension. For the curious, there’s some great analysis of the acquisition by Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal on the latest edition of the Acquired podcast. Enough about Whole Foods. What I really wanted to speculate on is…. what would an Amazon strategy look like, were they in the shoes … Read More »

Would a Real Estate Coffee Shop Work?

by Drew Meyers on 6:59 pm March 1, 2016

The other day, one term in the inbound traffic jumped out at me: real estate coffee shop I’m pretty convinced whoever was researching that is pretty damn smart. The reasons a real estate coffee shop makes sense are some of the same reasons I believe a real estate co-working establishment makes sense. People get coffee everyday, same as they go to work everyday. Lots of what people talk about at coffee shops is – you guessed it – real estate. Why not optimize for that, and give … Read More »

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