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America’s Best Communities

by Drew Meyers on 7:27 pm December 1, 2014

I saw a sponsored post on GeekWire today, titled America’s Best Communities. I clicked, since COMMUNITY is what I think about all day, everyday (building Horizon) — and community in a real estate context is something I have a fair amount of experience with. (I’m sure John at GeekWire loves that I clicked an ad, and ended up writing a blog post about it) Turns out it is a sponsored competition by Frontier Communications, Dish, and CoBank. It takes place over 3 years, and 3 Grand Prize winners will receive … Read More »

GeekEstate Facebook Group for RE Technologists

by Drew Meyers on 7:08 am October 6, 2014

We tried our own forums as part of Geek Estate Pro several years ago — but they didn’t stick. We’re going to give them another go, but this time inside of Facebook as a closed group. If you would like to talk shop with other real estate technologists from the Geek Estate community, you can request access to the following FB group: Note: I need beta testers for Horizon’s new iOS app, which organizes any group or community by location. Once it’s ready, I’ll be … Read More »

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