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Upstream & The National Broker Public Portal: Unearthing, Creating Super-MLS Data Layers

by Sam DeBord on 7:27 pm March 2, 2015

Upstream, Broker Portal, and MLS Data

Project Upstream aims to become the defender and gatekeeper of brokers’ real estate listings nationwide.  The National Broker Public Portal intends to provide a nationwide display of data that puts brokers at the controls.  The former is not intended to exclusively fuel the latter (though it seems like a match made in heaven–more on that later). Upstream is not an MLS and will not replace the MLS’s co-broker, commission, and professional standards roles.  Its creators do not intend for it to be public-facing on its own.  It’s … Read More »

Data Wars, Data Wars, Data Wars

by Marc Siden on 12:00 pm April 24, 2014

I always find it ironic when data vendors battle one another on who has the most data. With biased opinions, amateur shots, and swords and shields at the ready, data vendors are relentless when it comes to asserting who has the most data. The irony is that, while these data wars are happening, these data vendors should drop their armor and data expansion efforts and begin helping clients implement those large sets of data in more meaningful ways. As a cofounder of Onboard Informatics, a real estate information company, I … Read More »

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