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Tag Archives: Google Maps

OpenStreetView – A New Alternative to StreetView

by Drew Meyers on 1:28 pm August 22, 2016

OpenStreetView recently launched (SearchEngineLand coverage). Real estate is a big vertical for Google Maps and StreetView. For the mapping geeks out there, you should take a look. If you’d like to learn more, here’s a presentation with more of the thinking/vision: For those interested in the mapping space, another player you should be aware of is Mapbox (who I spoke with at Inman a few weeks ago, and added to the post about local data sources).

The Next Generation of Mapping

by Brad Andersohn on 10:29 pm June 13, 2008

This may be how the next generation will view Real Estate too. Consider the value of this to someone who is relocating. Will this technology be incorporated to the Virtual Tour in the future? This tutorial of Street View and Google Maps is quite impressive. Check out these driving directions. As the “NOW” generation continues trying to gather information and keep up with all the technology, the “NEXT” generation is active and persistent in creating more of it. Consumers’ GPS expectations, and “end user” products … Read More »

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