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The power of ‘we’ and how technology connects us for good

by Drew Meyers on 9:30 am October 1, 2017

A little bit of Sunday inspiration to do more good in the world… watch this TEDx talk by Jessica Hansen from Kiva. PS: Jessica also spoke at Inman.

Would a Kiva for Real Estate Work?

by Drew Meyers on 7:21 am March 1, 2016

There’s a number of crowdfunding startups in the real estate industry; seeming a new one ends up in my inbox every few weeks. To be honest, I haven’t really dug into many of them much. The latest one I stumbled across is Patch of Land: From what I can tell, its geared towards accredited investors. Many know I’m a massive fan of Kiva (see here, here, and here). My question — is there a true Kiva of real estate? A platform to help the average person fund home ownership, … Read More »

Gifts for Real Estate Agents (Realtors) in 2015

by Drew Meyers on 3:51 pm December 11, 2015

Are you looking for gift ideas for real estate agents (aka Realtors) this upcoming holiday season? Those who know me, know I’m not the biggest fan of consumerism (read this post I wrote on Christmas day in 2010). Thus, in 2015, please don’t spend money purchasing worthless material items your friend or family (who happens to be an agent) doesn’t need. Here are a few worthwhile Christmas gifts to consider: The first month or two of membership to GiveBack Homes ($50/mo). I can’t think of a better way to … Read More »

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