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Tag Archives: Marguerite Giguere

Tour of Tacoma

by Drew Meyers on 1:16 pm June 17, 2016

More agents/brokers/teams should be creating videos like this… Well done, Anne and Marguerite. [via Greg Fischer]

How to nail video. Be yourself.

by Greg Fischer on 7:41 am June 20, 2013

Tacoma Real Estate

I was up a little late last night reading a few articles I had saved over the last few days when I noticed a couple tweets from Tacoma agent Anne Jones about YouTube uploads. Since I was wide awake at the time I figured I would hop over to YouTube to see exactly what Anne was up to. I’ve had a few really nice interactions with her this year and she’s been one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. She recently introduced me to … Read More »

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