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Tag Archives: online advertising

Is Your Technology Hijacking Attention, or Improving Humanity?

by Drew Meyers on 9:30 am February 4, 2017

I listened to the RECODE podcast with Tristan Harris this week while I was working late. Super fascinating discussion. Formerly a Design Ethicist at Google, he’s now working on Time Well Spent: Time Well Spent is a movement to align technology with our humanity. Today apps and media compete in a race to grab our attention. Join a movement to: Live better with more empowering settings for our media and devices. Change incentives so media competes to improve our lives, not get eyeballs. Invent new interfaces that help … Read More »

Your Listings Go To How Many Websites? Maximizing Your Online Advertising

by Vincent Socci on 6:08 pm October 1, 2008

Amongst the many qualities of a successful real estate agent is their ability to have a rock solid and comprehensive listing strategy to present to their prospective sellers. In recent years, the push to follow the web 2.0 revolution and feed your listings to every real estate website has been the on forefront of brokerage’s agendas, and rightly so with an ever increasing share of buyers going online to search for real estate and a more diverse offering of real estate sites growing by the … Read More »

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