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What are the Best IDX Solutions on the Market?

Real Estate IDX SolutionsIn any vertical, the goal of a business website is to help you make money. Real estate is no different, meaning your local real estate website needs to bring you clients in order to be worth the time and money it takes to operate it. In the real estate vertical, the vast majority (let’s just call it 80% conservatively) of your website conversions WILL occur as a result of buyers searching for properties on your website and registering for email alerts or updates — but you need an IDX solution to facilitate that process of turning traffic into leads/contacts/inquiries/signups/clients (I don’t want to get into the debate on what to call them).

No one disputes the need for IDX on a successful real estate website. With that said, what are the absolute BEST IDX platforms for real estate agents and brokers on the market today?

Diverse Solutions dsSearchAgent






Real Geeks


IDX Broker



What do you use? What do you think? Does it work? Do your client like it? What’s your conversion rate? Are there any other providers that deserve to be on this list that I missed? Do any of these providers deserve to be axed from the list?

Would love your feedback as to what works and what doesn’t in the land of IDX.

[Update: View the Official Geek Build Steering Committee Recommendation]

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