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WeWork Valued at $16 Billion

Based on their recent raise of $430 million at a valuation of $16 billion, it’s safe to say no real estate franchise is going to purchase WeWork.

That said, I still think the brokers and franchises reading should absolutely investigate purchasing smaller regional co-working players or starting their own.


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  • “It is benefiting from younger workers’ gravitation to cities and communal atmospheres, as well as a boom in the startup sector.”

    This scares me. I like the concept, but a startup thats success is dependent on other startups booming has a lot of eggs in one basket. $16 billion sounds really frothy.

    • Definitely a bit frothy, but they have community — and the need for office space is not going away. Even if all those startups fail, the people working at them will have to work somewhere… either at other startups or freelance/consulting etc. When those people think about “where to work”, WeWork will be part of that thought process.

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