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What’s Your Value Proposition?

Partly as a result of getting hooked on Mad Men, I’ve been thinking a lot about branding the last couple weeks.

A major cornerstone of branding is certainly your central value proposition.

Below is 360modern’s:

What’s your primary value proposition? How are you different?

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  • I think most agents have a number of value propositions including different ones for buyers and sellers. I don’t think we can articulate it in one sentence.

    We market “we have thousands of raving fans”, but that is not really a value proposition. The guy who wrote the book Raving Fans contacted me today as he is using my website to look for properties and was glad to see me using his phrase.

    • “I don’t think we can articulate it in one sentence.”

      You should be able to. Otherwise you’re trying to serve too many people, and end up serving no one well.

      • Well, when/if I am limited to one sentence, it is “We have thousands of raving fans”.

        It does state our value proposition because you do not get thousands of raving fans without adding a lot of value.

        Like any business stating something is easy, executing is difficult. Facebook choose to “Connect the world”. Stating that is easy to do, but executing it is not easy as many have found out who have been put out of business by Facebook even thought they had the same kind of value proposition.

        • “We have thousands of raving fans”

          How is that solving a problem a buyer / seller / renter / home owner have?

          • Buyers and sellers are looking for the best website to use, and then once they are ready to buy or sell, they want the best set of advantages they can get and to pay less commission if possible while not sacrificing quality. This is what we offer.

            Saying we have thousands of raving fans is a lot stronger in my opinion than saying we have the best website. It is easy to claim you have the best website, anyone can claim it and they do, but claiming you have a lot of fans and showing the proof on the website is a stronger statement in my opinion.

  • Ryan Gullett

    We like to showcase our military housing division as:

    “Southern California’s #1 military friendly real estate office”.

    We believe from start to finish, anyone who goes through our military division is going to get top quality service and a Veteran to Veteran model of help and assistance that is hard to find in other places/offices in our local area.

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