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You is Now, A Real Estate Accelerator in Berlin

You is Now is a startup accelerator based in Berlin. I asked Sebastian Oehmigen to answer a few questions about the program to give founders more insight into the value proposition and what to expect.

Why should real estate tech founders choose You is Now?

Our biggest value is that we are backed by one of Germany’s most successful internet startups which has grown into a huge company and is market leader today: ImmobilienScout24. With more than 520 employees it is one of Germany’s biggest internet companies. Our teams will work directly with ImmobilienScout24 mentors who will help them build their product.

What stage company are you looking for, and what do they get if accepted?

Our aim is to kick-start great teams with great projects. We want to help web-technology startups build better products, attract additional funding and ultimately grow to more successful businesses.

What do you get:

Seed investment

15.000 EUR kickoff funding for you

0% equity

No strings attached

The product stays in your hands

Internal mentoring

Onboarding program with experts in online marketing, tech, financing and many more

One-to-one sessions and coaching of experts

We help you build your product!

Co-Working space

Available for 3 months

Located in the YOU IS NOW lab at the headquarters of ImmobilienScout24

External mentoring and networking opportunities

Weekly participation of current batch of Founders Institute Berlin

Weekly training from international experts

Utilisation of external mentors and networks in the relevant fields to grow lasting relationships

Special training sessions

Pitch training: We help founders prepare for their demo day, which occurs towards the end of each batch and allows companies to present their idea/vision/product to several investors, press representatives and the ImmobilienScout24 management.

Weekly trainings at the Founder Institute Berlin

What are you doing to strengthen/utilize the alumni community of founders?

We are having a strong bond to our alumni.

We are organizing alumni session, where the startups from our current batches meet the old ones to get to know them, their idea and can learn from them from the very first week in our program.

What startups have gone through your program, and how are they doing?

You can find all startups on our website:

Some of the most successful ones: Go-PopUp, and Leinentausch.

We are also having a big DemoDay Event called VALLEY IN BERLIN. (

Here’s the video from the last demo day:

Interested in applying? You still have time. Deadline: April 16, 2016

Apply now.

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