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Zillow Ad: “Lake House”

I love this ad. It’s genius.

FYI I grew up on a lake (Lake Sammamish).

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  • Yep. NAR could learn a lot from watching this

  • Watched this with a group (of non-RE people) during the Oscars. Zillow does well to do the “home” emotional pitch. One person teared up but said “why does it have to be about the grandpa dying and the daughter helping her mom find a place to die?”

  • This is a great emotional ad, but as realtors we have really, really given away the first contact with the consumer. Many in the media and uninformed real estate agents often claim that the portals are nothing more than advertising….a new version of print advertising. But I can’t really remember when newspapers or magazines went out of there way to capture (and control) the clients they represented. Sometime in the near future real estate agents will look back and say, how did this happen, we have absolutely no control of our business.

  • Great emotional ad

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