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Zillow Solidifies Partnership with Tom Ferry


Hot off the press:

Zillow, Inc. (NASDAQ: Z), the leading real estate information marketplace, today announced a partnership with top real estate coach and speaker, and The New York Times bestselling author Tom Ferry to work with the company as it continues to develop products for real estate professionals. Zillow develops numerous products that help real estate professionals grow their business and online presence, and Tom will consult on product development.

“I’ve helped thousands of real estate professionals learn how to be more productive, eliminate stress and have more fun in their business, with technology as a key factor. So teaming up with Zillow was a no-brainer,” said Ferry. “There’s no better way to impact how real estate agents leverage online marketing than working with the top online real estate technology company in the business.”

“As one of the most respected people in real estate, we are thrilled to have Tom’s decades of experience as we develop and refine products and services for real estate professionals,” said Greg Schwartz, Zillow’s chief revenue officer. “For years, Zillow has provided the tools while Tom provided the training, so it made sense to join forces to give agents the best from both worlds.”

In addition, Zillow will be the exclusive technology partner at Tom’s dozens of seminars and conventions every year, which reach more than 30,000 people annually. Attendees will be able to receive Zillow demos, set-up their Zillow profile and find out more about how to use Zillow to improve their online presence.

This is a smart move by both parties. They are both leaders in their respective areas of expertise (Zillow’s being online lead generation & Tom’s being agent training) — and partnering clearly makes great business sense.

What do you think? Does this make it more or less likely that you’ll attend a Tom Ferry seminar? More or less likely that you’ll sign on as a Zillow advertiser?

[Disclosure: read the about page, but I own Zillow stock]

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  • Zillow got a great sales person in Tom Ferry!! He can sell and will use his influence to push their products. I don’t think Zillow’s products and services are the best thing for the agents he trains if they are really serious about lead generation and conversion. There are a lot better ways to drive traffic and products that convert better.

    I am sure Zillow is paying Tom a lot of money to push their products and services.. Good for Tom!!

    Winners here are Tom & Zillow.. Losers are the agents that don’t know any better and are not going to actually research to see what the best options out there are 🙁

    • Congratulations to Tom. Jeff – I always liked the way Tom presented himself. If he can maintain his authenticity at Zillow, then this is great. Likely though, the overwhelming Zillow presence in his coaching will be hard to look past. But – after just recently attending an Inman Agent Reboot – I know there are lots of agents who would/could use the services (without thinking twice about the Zillow affiliation and whether it mattered to them or not).

      I will be curious to see what Tom’s seminars and videos are like after the partnership is in full swing. Zillow seems to be making a lot of these moves lately.

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