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Is Zillow a valuable tool?

Today’s Tuesday morning debate: Is Zillow a valuable tool?

Go read the article on the Seattle Bubble before responding (75+ comments).

What say you?

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  • I don’t think this is rocket science.

    If Zillow has all the listings and updates daily or more often, then for that area is a valuable tool.

    If they only have part of the listings and listings are not up to date, then for that specific area it is obviously bad for consumers.

    Consumers might not realize a lot of listings are missing or out of date and they would be much better off on one of the hundreds of websites with a direct feed and accurate data.

    This is just common sense.

  • I think we all knew what the answers in that story would be, based on Kary’s past writing and Craig’s position with Quill.

    The answer is: it depends. If you’re looking for broad market data, a lot of tools under one umbrella, general neighborhood pricing, casual research, etc, it’s a great tool. If you’re looking to buy an MLS-listed home in the Seattle market, the home search is not a useful tool. Every broker site is better for the active, immediate buyer just looking for listings.

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