We’re interested in building amazing products, and helping great companies succeed. Our specialty are technology businesses spanning real estate, travel, and community. We want to work with people solving hard problems. If you’ve cloning an existing product or business and doing it slightly cheaper and better — good luck, but please move along. Building a category king? We want to talk to you.

What Can We Help With?

  • Product management & development
  • Product validation & design
  • Design – semi-static design mock-ups, interaction and animation Design
  • Connections to trusted web and mobile developers
  • Strategic marketing and business development strategy

The Team

Drew Meyers got his start at Zillow in 2005 where he ran the API program, and served as a key team member on the marketing team doing business development, social media marketing, blogging, and community building until his departure in 2010. He’s since done work for Virtual Results (WordPress websites & lead generation for agents/brokers), Diverse Solutions, RealBiz Media, StreetAdvisor (Yelp for neighborhoods), and a range of other real estate technology consulting projects. He’s founded two travel apps, Oh Hey World (recap) & Horizon, ESM Exec Designs, and myKRO.org.

Will Moyer has been doing design work for over a decade. Whether it’s layout and typography or HTML and CSS, he is passionate about simple and elegant solutions. A designer, writer, and co-host on Why Do You Care?!, he is a co-founder and previously lead designer and developer for HorizonHis design portfolio can be seen here.

Dustin DeVries has been building software for over 20 years. As the Co-Founder and CTO of Caffeine Interactive, he enjoys working with clients to determine the right technology, whether it’s a web application framework like Django or NodeJS, or a simple CMS solution like WordPress. He received his BS in Computer Engineering from Texas A&M University.

Seth Siegler is a senior ruby and rails architect, founder of CurbCall and currently operates a development agency, Hoverboard Labs.

Have an amazing product/business you need help with, drop a line.