Are you looking to capitalize on your online marketing efforts and get results?

Are you looking for quick answers to a few pressing technology or online marketing questions?

There is no shortage of tactics to gain traffic and convert. Nor is there any shortage of places to ask your questions. However, finding the proven strategies and correct answers amidst the sea of content online? Well that’s where the rubber meets the road.

At the end of the day, no one is telling you you can’t learn everything on your own without paying a dime. You can, but it takes time. And time is money. Your time should be spent talking to clients and selling real estate, not wading through dozens and dozens of articles seeking the correct answer to that burning question of yours. Nor should your time be spent trying to learn all about blogging by scouring the web for quality articles on WordPress, SEO, community building, personal voice, content ideas, and all the other topics you need to understand to succeed with blogging.

With Geek Estate Pro, you’ll have the support community you need to filter through the junk and focus on the right strategies to move your business forward.

What are you getting with Geek Estate Pro?

  • Support from a community of web savvy real estate professionals and internet marketing experts
  • Advice on how to go about attracting leads and clients from your online efforts
  • You’ll get just as much, if not more, value from the community telling you what NOT to do as from what you SHOULD do.


  1. Access to members only articles
  2. Full access to the Geek Estate Pro forums
  3. 18 Piece Real Estate Blogging Guide (in progress)
  4. Ability to post events in the Geek Estate Events directory (regular price of $19.95 per event listing)
  5. Coming Soon – A monthly email with a special deal from a technology provider. The deal will be sent weekly to everyone – some promotions will only be available to one person while others will be available to as many people as sign up in a given time period