I was up a little late last night reading a few articles I had saved over the last few days when I noticed a couple tweets from Tacoma agent Anne Jones about YouTube uploads.

Since I was wide awake at the time I figured I would hop over to YouTube to see exactly what Anne was up to. I’ve had a few really nice interactions with her this year and she’s been one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. She recently introduced me to her fellow Tacoma agent Marguerite Giguere who has been cracking me up with Facebook status updates like: “All day I’ve been working on being less self deprecating. I’m really bad at it.”

Anyway when I finally got over to the YouTube channel I was presently surprised to see both ladies sitting together in bright clothing, props at the ready, chatting away about real estate. What makes these videos really good is how natural the conversation flows. Don’t be intimidated by the 9 minute video below. Their personalities compliment eachother on camera and their professional expertise shines through as they dive into a variety of real estate topics. They’re entertaining to watch and as cool as can be.

Getting in front of the camera is hard. Anne and Marguerite have nailed it here by following two simple guidelines: talk about what you’re passionate about and be yourself. Congratulations on a job well done ladies. Hope to see more from you in the future.